Are Vinyl Windows High Quality

I’m shopping for new windows for my home and want to get a quality product.  My friend told me that if I want quality I should stay away from vinyl. Is that true?

While it’s true that some vinyl windows are poorly made and may not perform well over time, there are also some really well-made, high quality vinyl windows available today. The key is to understand the differences and know what to look for when shopping for windows. Many people know that energy efficiency is important. However, just because a window is energy efficient, doesn’t mean it’s a good quality window. In an effort to make energy-efficient windows at a low cost, some window manufacturers cut corners in other areas that are equally important.

When shopping for a high quality vinyl window, in addition to the energy efficiency rating, you should ask about the strength and rigidity of the frame, the thickness of the vinyl extrusions, the balance system, the spacer system, the weather stripping, and the bulb seals.  All of these things (and more) factor into what makes a good quality vinyl window. The little things don’t make a little difference – they make all the difference. The strength of the frame is important to prevent your windows from sagging over time. The balance system is important because it affects how easy your windows will open and close. The weather stripping and bulb seals are important in preventing air and water from coming into your home. The spacer system is important in determining how efficient your windows are and how likely they are to resist condensation.  And don’t forget about installation. Without the proper installation, even the very finest replacement windows will fail to perform.  

It’s normal to have questions about any home improvement project. Window Depot of Dallas is here to help. Before you invest your hard-earned money on replacement windows for your home, schedule a free consultation with one of our trusted, local experts. You will be able to compare samples from several manufacturers with options and pricing that’s right for you. We understand that this process can feel intimidating and that’s why we will be by your side to help you every step of the way!