What Are Divided Window Lites?

For the past few years, homeowners across North Texas have installed windows without divided window lites. The lack of window lites, grids, or grilles has gained popularity as window sizes have ballooned and taken up more of the surface area of your home’s exterior. If you ask yourself, “what are divided window lites?” you’re in the right place. We will dive into what they are, who’s selecting them, how much they impact the cost of your replacement window job, and more. Read more

What Are Bow Windows?

Are you looking for ways to add more light and character to your home’s exterior? Have you been curious about bow windows but need clarification on what they are and how they work? A bow window can be an excellent option for adding a pop of personality to your home while increasing natural lighting. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of what these unique windows offer so that you can decide if they might be right for you. Read more

What Is A Bay Window?

Are you looking to add character and charm to your home? Installing a bay window may be the perfect solution! This traditional feature can create an architectural focal point and provide a comfortable spot for daydreaming, reading, or relaxing. But what exactly is a bay window? Keep reading to learn about this popular accent piece and get inspired on how you might use one in your home. Read more

What Are Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows are one of the most attractive, energy-efficient options. They come in many different styles and sizes and offer a unique way to bring natural light into your home. In this post, we’ll discuss what sliding windows are and why they might be the perfect addition to your home. Read more

How Much Does A Steel Front Door Cost Near Dallas, Texas?

Are you considering adding a durable, budget-friendly front door to update your North Texas home? Steel entry doors are a less expensive alternative to wood or fiberglass. They’re strong, have various design options, and are low maintenance. But what should you expect to pay for a steel front door in North Texas? In this post, we’ll discuss all the factors that influence how much you can anticipate spending on your new steel entry door. This information makes deciding if investing in one makes financial sense for your property easier.

We offer high-quality entry door replacements at Window Depot of Dallas with steel doors from ProVia. While we’re big fans of ProVia and budget-friendly steel doors, we’re here to discuss them, not promote them or tell you these are your best or only option.

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What Are Single Pane Windows?

You won’t consider single-pane windows if you’re looking at new replacement windows. Single-pane glazing is a thing of the past and is not an energy-efficient option, and more modern window companies can’t use single pane in manufacturing. At Window Depot of Dallas, we replace hundreds of single-pane windows yearly with the latest double-pane options. Unlike single-pane windows, dual and triple-glazed options protect your North Texas home from the extreme summer temperatures. Read more

What Are Double Pane Windows?

Having a comfortable and energy-efficient home is top of mind for many homeowners. One way to increase the efficiency of your house is to install double-pane windows. But what are they, and how do they work? Let’s dive in as we explore the benefits of installing double-pane windows in your home. We’ll cover their features, materials used for construction, installation process, cost, and more!

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What Is A Casement Window and How Much Are They?

Are you looking to spruce up your home with new replacement windows? A casement window is an excellent choice for adding both value and beauty. It offers plenty of natural light, protection from the elements, and energy efficiency. Whether you plan on replacing all or just some of your windows, learning about casement windows will help you make the best decision for your budget and needs.

We’re here to help you budget and plan your replacement window project at Window Depot of Dallas. Please keep reading to learn more about:

  • Types of casement windows
  • Pros and cons
  • Pricing
  • Configurations

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What Is Argon Gas and Why Is It In Windows?

Are you looking to update your home’s windows for better insulation and energy efficiency but need clarification on the role of argon gas? Many homeowners need to know what it is and why their windows may be filled with this gas. Argon gas has been used in double or triple-paned insulated glass units since the 1990s because of its superior insulating capabilities compared to air. This blog post will explain argon gas and highlight why you want it in your new replacement windows.

This article covers the following topics:

  • What is argon gas?
  • What does it do in replacement windows?
  • Does argon gas make windows more efficient?
  • How is argon captured for use in home windows?
  • How long does argon gas last in windows?
  • How full of argon should windows be?
  • Can you buy windows with just argon gas?

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What Are Low-E Windows and Should You Buy Them?

Are you a homeowner looking to make your home more energy efficient? Installing new Low-E windows is one of the best investments in your home. Not only do they help keep heat in during the cold months, but they also reduce cooling costs during those hot summer days. But what exactly are Low-E windows, and should you invest in them? In this blog post, we’ll review Low-E windows, how they work, and whether it makes sense to buy them. Keep reading to discover all that you need to know.

When considering energy efficiency, selecting the right window glass is essential. Up to 70% of home energy can be lost through windows and doors – 90% explicitly from the glass itself. However, navigating different Low-E coatings for your region’s climate conditions can seem daunting at first glance. This post dives into what a low e window is, why it’s so great for improving insulation in homes, and which coating type would give you an optimal performance based on where you live.

This article answers the following topics:

  • What is Low-E, and what does it mean?
  • Who makes windows with Low-E?
  • Does Low-E qualify for Energy Star in Texas?
  • How long do Low-E windows last?
  • Different types of Low-E
  • Window glass advancements

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