Should You Replace Your Window Sill

Window sills are among the most often damaged parts of your home’s built-in structure. The sill forms a small platform that helps provide support and integrity to the window frame, but it is also used as a household shelf or seat and protects the glass from accidental bumps from people and furniture. The window sill is also the first to show water damage should your windows drip condensation or leak during a rain storm.

Over time, most window sills will need to be replaced with a new durable surface and elegant topper material. If you plan to replace the windows, it may be more immediate than you realize, as you will need new sills to match.

Why Should You Replace Your Window Sills?

Most homeowners never think about replacing their window sills. You may not have even realized it was possible. Let’s look at why homeowners replace their window sills with newer, more durable, and more attractive ones.


Your Window Sill is Badly Damaged

  • Warped
  • Rotting
  • Damaged

Window sills are the most likely part of your window to become damaged because it’s where water will settle. If the sill was exposed to a great deal of moisture and heat, it might have warped, so it no longer fits the frame or the home’s design. Window sills that experience long-term moisture exposure from the window can slowly begin to rot and crumble away. Window sills that are impacted accidentally by furniture or household antics may need to be replaced to repair the damage.

It’s common for our clients to replace the sills while we’re replacing the windows. Because we’re already on-site and have the tools, it’s less expensive for your window replacement company to replace them rather than calling out a separate trim carpenter.


What are the Best Materials for Window Sills?

Window sills can be made of a surprising range of materials. Most people are familiar with traditional wood window sills. Still, you can also finish your window sills in any utility or luxury materials ranging from PVC sills and molding to stone, tile, and even metal window sills, making your sill more like a small countertop or mantle below every window.

  • PVC Window Sills
    • PVC is a durable white vinyl that is increasingly popular in home construction and renovation. PVC window sills will perfectly suit your new vinyl windows and complement modern decorative molding options.
    • PVC does not rot or warp from water damage but could be affected by extreme temperatures. PVC window sills also accept paint differently from wood.
  • Wood Window Sills
    • Wood window sills are the most traditional, providing essential structure to your window, and have the most versatile options for painting or staining.
    • You can choose from typical construction woods like Pine and Cedar or luxury surface woods like Oak, Mahogany, Ash, or Cherry wood.
    • Wood window sills are elegant and classic but most susceptible to moisture.
  • Stone Window Sills
    • Stone window sills resemble small, elegant countertops or fireplace mantles at the base of each window. These sills are durable and maintain a good seal while providing an unusual beauty to your windows, and they will need to be maintained like a countertop.
    • Stone window sills can be made of classic countertop stones like granite, marble, limestone, and slate.
  • Tile Window Sills
    • Tile window sills may have a base of wood or PVC that is then grouted and tiled. You can choose from any beautiful tiles, including glazed ceramic, glass, and stone tiles, based on your preference and design themes. You can also re-tile later to change your look.
    • Maintenance of tile window sills depends on the base material of the sill and the tiles you choose, but they tend to be more moisture-resistant than wood or unsealed stone.
  • Metal Window Sills
    • Lastly, you can choose to have your window sills built out of lightweight metal or have a wooden sill coated in metal to create a metal sill.
    • Metal window sills are highly durable and suited for windows that will often be open.


Should You Hire a Window Replacement Company?

Replacing your windows or sills is not a DIY project. The tools required to do the work are more costly than hiring a professional. However, if you want to acquire tools and knowledge to take on more DIY projects, window sill replacement is a good place to start.

If you want to replace your window sills or replace your windows and put in new sills to match, you can rely on professional window replacement teams like Window Depot Dallas to handle the project from beginning to end.


Still Have Questions

Whether you are replacing your windows, repairing previously damaged window sills, or are simply interested in the many modern window sill options for materials and styles, Window Depot of Dallas is here to make your home match your vision. We can help you match new windows, incorporate a new interior molding design, or perfectly replace old damaged sills with identical sills, depending on your needs. You can contact us today to explore the perfect window sill replacement services for your home and style.

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